Submission Guidelines

To submit a joke to be considered for publication, please email

Guidelines for jokes:

  1. Jokes must be clean, meaning they should lack sexual, violent, profane, or coarse content.  
  2. Jokes attributed to you must be original. I reserve the right to review and deny joke submissions for plagiarism.
  3. You are welcome to submit jokes from persons other than yourself, so long as you credit them and have their permission.
  4. Jokes may include media content, but please do not require anything too complicated.
  5. Keep it witty!
  6. Don't be mean - I will not publish cruel jokes.
  7. If your joke has an agenda, try to keep it balanced.
  8. Keep it short.  Anything more than a few paragraphs must be really good for me to publish it.
  9. I reserve the right to rephrase your joke or edit it.
  10. Have fun!
I look forward to your submission! :)

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