Thursday, December 12, 2013

Some nuts are surprisingly quick on their feet

Did you know there are some nuts out there you just can't outrun?

No matter how fast you go, they will cashew.*

* The "you" sound in cash-ew sticks out as obvious.  However, some may immediately take issue with my identification of the "cash" syllable with "catch." Indeed, Merriam-Webster spells the pronunciation of "cash" and the first four letters of "cashew" identically.  However, because of the hardness of the "ka" sound, many people add two sets of "sh" noises when they say the word.  In this style of pronunciation, "kash-shoo," the hardness of the double "sh" noise is thus made closer to a soft "ch" sound, and the "ew" noise remaining is a clear equivalent for "you."  Thus, the most effective delivery of this punch line will be by someone who is prone to this pronunciation.   

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